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Cary Crush 2013-2014 Tryouts


Cary Crush Tryouts

The Cary Crush Travel Softball Organization for the 2013-2014 season has openings for the following teams: 10u, 14u, and 18u.  The Cary Crush continue to be recognized as one of the top fastpitch softball programs throughout Illinois.  Register below to schedule a private tryout.

We strongly encourage you to pre register for tryouts to help us streamline the tryout and provide an efficient and encouraging experience for everyone.  Pre-registration form

*****Players are strongly encouraged to arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time to check-in and warm-up.  Please come prepared with your full gear for hitting, catching, sliding, fielding, and pitching*****

Age Level Qualifying Player Birth Year Status
10U born in 2003 or after open
11u born in 2002 or after closed
12u born in 2001 or after closed
13u born in 2000 or after open
14u born in 1999 or after open
15u born in 1998 or after closed
16u born in 1997 or after closed
18u born in 1995 or after open


Questions: contact Jim Rathe 847-800-5739 jrathe03@gmail.com

Here are a few commonly asked questions:

1)     How many games will each team play?  Each team and season vary depending upon rainouts, how deep into  tournament each team goes into the championship brackets.  For the 10U age level, they will typically play in 5 tournaments (1 in May, 2 in June, 2 in July) play in  1 or 2 round robins and schedule 10-16 practice games.  We keep the schedule manageable in an effort to not burn out the players and overburden the families.  Typically keeping Memorial Day, Mothers Day, and July 4th weekends open for families.
2)     How far away are the tournaments?  Typically the tournaments are local for the younger age levels (for 10U local is considered as Woodstock, Schaumburg, Sycamore, Vernon Hills, Gurnee, Glen Ellyn, as examples).  As the players advance in age they may play in out of state national tournaments.
3)     Are the games scheduled in advance?  Yes. The teams tournament schedules are typically determined very early in the year (January), and the practice game schedule is usually completed by Mid-March.  Each Cary Crush team is responsible for updating the website and communicating via email changes in times, locations, etc.  Rainouts or tournament rain delays are addressed immediately as information is available.
4)     How much does it cost to play with the Cary Crush? The costs vary for each individual team.  The number of tournaments, home games, umpires, etc.  but typically a per player cost is between ($1000-$1200).  We understand the current economic landscape and offer various fundraising options to help in off-setting the costs for each family such as Cary Crush Sponsorships (each sponsor secured for the Cary Crush, will directly reduce the money’s due by that family), Cary Crush Discount Cards, etc..  You may choose to participate as your needs require, but the opportunity through fundraising or securing sponsorships to reduce your family out of pocket cost is significant and unique to the Cary Crush.
5)    Where do the Cary Crush Practice during the winter months? The Cary Crush teams practice indoors through at the Cary Crush 10,000 SF facility in Cary called the power alley.  Each team has 4-6 hours per week year around access to the facility to conduct practiced under the direction of the Cary Crush Coaches and Directors to continually develop the various skills of each of the players.
6)    Who are the Head Coaches for the upcoming 2013-2014 season?

Jim Rathe

Frank Gurgone

Scott Fisher

Brian Isola

Mike Johnson

Sara Kiddy

Ryan McDillon

Steve Drain

Vanessa Zavodny

Tammy Olson
 If you have questions or need additional information please contact us through email or via phone Jim Rathe 847-800-5739.
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2010 NAFA Region 7 "B" National Champions 12U
 2011 USSSA Illinois "B" State Champions 12U
2012 USSSA Illinois "B" State Champions 18U
2013 NAFA "A" Nationals 3rd Place 14u
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